Step 1: Create your GEN Profile

 It all starts by Joining GEN. 

Complete your profile - both the basic and the additional information. The more information you provide, the more you will be able to engage with the GEN Community. 


Step 2: Consider adding yourself to the GEN Speakers Bureau

The GEN Speakers Bureau is a directory of speakers who are available to present on a wide variety of topics.

Under the Additional Information section of your profile you'll find a check box to indicate your interest in being listed on GEN's Speakers Bureau. Once you check the box, you'll be asked to complete specific information related to being a Speaker. Your Speaker information will then show up on GEN's Speakers Bureau - The information you provide will help others locate you when they need a speaker. 

NOTE: you will be required to provide links to videos of your speaking examples.


Step 3: Search for GEN members or others in your ecosystem

GEN's Member Directory lists the entire GEN Community's memberbase. Go to, find the member directory link and then use the filter options to find other GEN Members by their location, ecosystem role, organization type. 


Step 4: Connect with someone

Once you have found a GEN Member that you would like to connect with, you have a few different options:

Send a message: When you know you want to connect with a member, click the Message button on their profile page. You will be able to send them a message through the GEN system. Messages you receive from other members can be found on your profile page on the Message tab.  

Add as a contact: You can click the + My Connections button on the memeber's profile. This will add them to your My Connections tab on your profile page. The My Connections is a list of members in the community that you are interested in and would like to save for later. Click the My Connections tab on your profile to view members you've saved.


Step 5: Start a conversation

GEN Connect's Conversations, are a way to post information or questions to the GEN Community. These conversations can be either general or GEN Program-specific. When creating your conversation you can select the GEN program (Conversation Topics) it is most aligned with or add it to the General Conversations.


Step 6: Add an event – especially during Global Entrepreneurship Week

GEN's global ecosystem includes thousands of events added to the system by event organizers. Adding an event to GEN's ecosystem allows GEN Members to promote the event by location and type of event. The event displays on its associated country's events calendar. 

Creating an even on the GEN website is easy. Once you are logged in, find the Create Event link from your profile page. You can always find your events after you have created them on your My Events tab. NOTE - your country manager will need to approve your GEN Profile before your events will be published to the GEN website. You can contact your country manager by visiting and finding the Contact page. 


Step 7: Manage your Organization