GEN Georgia - Founders

February 29, 2020

GEN Georgia  aims  to promote  entrepreneurship,  develop local  startup ecosystem and connect  it  to global  network. Organization started  new  year  with a  structural updates and invited the new team of  founders, ready to contribute and develop  organization further . 

Meet our founders :

1. Tinatin Gholadze - Founder and Managing Director of GEN Georgia / startup ecosystem builder, entrepreneur

2. Neli Makhviladze - Founder  of GEN Georgia / Director  at research  scientific organization Techinform/ researcher scientist

3. Tamar Batsilashvili - Founder of GEN Georgia / Founder  of design studio Amqari /entrepreneur

4. Sophie Gholadze - Founder of GEN Georgia / Founder of translation  agency FTC/ scientist ,entrepreneur


Tinatin Gholadze

Acting Managing Director

Im an entrepreneur and  local entrepreneurial ecosystem builder, with a 7 years of experiance … more