Each month, GBAN hosts a one-hour conference call for its members, observers, and special guests to discuss developments from the field. The goal of these Field Reports is to foster cross border cooperation and increase the impact of angel network by providing a forum for the exchange of information, the sharing of experience and knowledge, the exploration of emerging angel investing trends. Moderated by members of the GBAN Board, the discussions feature presentations by leading angel investing experts. 



Our guest speaker in February was Linda Smith, Chair Emeritus, Angel Capital Association

Linda Smith joined GBAN last year from her position as Chair of the Board of the Angel Capital Association (ACA), which represents more than 14,000 accredited investors in the United States, Canada and Mexico. As Chair, Smith spearheaded a grassroots organizing and implementation program in the U.S. to gain successful passage by the U.S. Congress of critical tax legislation that encourages and expands access to capital for innovative startup firms. She was at the forefront of efforts to develop formal linkages between ACA and angel networks in Australia, Europe, Latin America, Mexico and New Zealand. She also oversaw a multi-year strategic planning initiative to enhance ACA's educational offerings and data analytics to significantly benefit angels and entrepreneurs.

For GBAN members, Smith presented an overview of the size and scope of angel investing in North America, current trends on how angels are supporting entrepreneurs, partnering with economic development agencies, and recent challenges to cross-border investing.

The ACA's annual angel investor Summit is currently scheduled for May 12-14, 2020 in Denver, Colorado.



The recording of the Field Call is available for angel investor network members, please see our list of members here. If you are interested, please contact Sarolta Borzási at sarolta@genglobal.org. 





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Director for Government and Investor Engagement

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