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The GEN Compass Awards celebrate excellence in entrepreneurship, policymaking, investing, support programs and research – and honor those who are making a difference in helping entrepreneurs start and scale around the world.

Winners of the Compass Awards will be announced at a ceremony during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, taking place in Melbourne, Australia September 19-22, 2023.

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Applicants must be a member of the Global Entrepreneurship Network and actively engaged in GEN programming.



Nominations Close: January 31, 2023

Announcement of Finalists: Winter/Spring 2023

Announcement of Winners: May 1-4, 2023. Exact date and time to be announced. 




Brand Champion   Inspiration + Resilience

Awarded to the organization that best embodies and reflects the GEN brand in a positive visual way–implementing impactful initiatives within the "compass family".

Nomination Criteria



Awarded to an organization or individual that performed admirably in the face of adversity and adapted to overcome considerable challenges.

Nomination Criteria


Barrier Breaker   Policy Champion

Awarded to an individual or organization with outstanding commitment and achievement in creating pathways to entrepreneurship that empower non-traditional audiences and under-represented communities.

Nomination Criteria



Awarded to the policymaker or advocate who has made significant contributions to remove barriers to entrepreneurship through new policies, programs or regulatory changes at local, national or global levels.

Nomination Criteria


Ecosystem Champion   Rookie

Awarded to an individual or organization with outstanding commitment and achievement to drive the positive, long-term and inclusive growth of their local ecosystem through programs and education to advance innovation and support startups.

Nomination Criteria



Awarded to an individual or organization new to the Global Entrepreneurship Network for their contributions to advancing entrepreneurship through a GEN program.

Nomination Criteria


Enterprise Registration Champion   Research Champion

Awarded to the government that makes the most effort to make it easy and attractive for entrepreneurs to register their businesses and comply with laws and regulations.

Nomination Criteria



Awarded to a GEN Research community member that has produced actionable research resulting in better-informed policies or programs advancing entrepreneurship.

 Nomination Criteria


Campaign of the Year   Activitites

Awarded to the national Entrepreneurship World Cup organizer that ran the best overall campaign in 2022, demonstrating ability to build ecosystem partnerships and attract strong applicants.

Nomination Criteria



Awarded to Global Entrepreneurship Week host organizations that generate substantial activity--engaging a broad cross-section of the population during their national campaigns.*



Investor Champion   Partnerships

Awarded to the GEN Invest or GBAN member who has contributed most to advancing the interests of investors and the new firms they support.

Nomination Criteria



Awarded to the Global Entrepreneurship Week Host that best demonstrates the ability to scale their national campaigns by catalyzing organizations and increasing impact.*



Starter   One Global

This award is given to the highest-performing or highest-potential founder in the GEN Starters Club, a community of entrepreneurs battle-tested by GEN programs.

Nomination Criteria



Awarded to the individual, organization or community that has had the largest impact reaching across national borders and connecting stakeholders to help entrepreneurs start and scale.* 



GEW   Country

Awarded to the organization that ran the best national Global Entrepreneurship Week Campaign in 2022 based on overall reach, diversity, creativity, visibility and impact.

Nomination Criteria



Awarded to the highest-performing Global Entrepreneurship Network national affiliate in terms of national ecosystems.* 



*Candidates for the following awards are nominated by GEN HQ staff. Outside nominations will not be considered: Champion Catalyzer for Activities, Champion Catalyzer for Partnerships, One Global Ecosystem Award, GEN Country of the Year. 


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