FluidAI's Vision for AI-Driven, Early-Detection of Post-Operative Risks is Now Reality
The launch of FluidAI's revolutionary Stream™ Platform improves early detection rates of life-threatening postoperative complications 
22 Aug 2023

In 2019, Amr Abdelgawad, the COO and co-founder of FluidAI, took center stage at the Entrepreneurship World Cup to pitch his innovative concept, developed with his fellow engineering students at the University of Waterloo in Canada. The result? A $500,000 USD equity-free check to make it happen. This watershed moment was just the beginning for the Canadian engineering team behind FluidAI. Their journey from that win to the present has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Fast forward to the present, FluidAI, now a prominent member of the GEN Starters Club, has officially introduced the Stream™ Platform in Canada and Saudi Arabia. Designed to combat life-threatening complications of postoperative leaks in digestive tract surgeries, the system is poised to redefine patient care standards. Using AI and state-of-the-art sensors, FluidAI not only promises early leak detection but envisions setting a new industry benchmark, leading to improved patient welfare and reduced healthcare expenditure.


The Delta™ bedside monitor displaying a patient's leak risk score. (CNW Group/FluidAI Medical)


Amidst the growing excitement in the medical community, surgeons are quickly recognizing the potential of the Stream™ Platform's distinctive hardware, notably the Origin™ Inline Device and the Delta™ Bedside Monitor, making them indispensable tools in post-operative care.

Youssef Helwa, CEO and Cofounder of FluidAI, shared his vision, "the launch of Stream™ Platform is a pivotal milestone in addressing the critical need we hear from surgeons across the globe: patients suffer from life-threatening complications, and we don't catch them soon enough. With a data-driven approach backed by artificial intelligence, we can predict complications and enable preventative medicine - an entirely new paradigm of care that is precise and tailored to individual patient needs."



The Delta™ bedside monitor displaying a patient's leak risk score. (CNW Group/FluidAI Medical)



When questioned about the prevailing trends in health tech, Abdelgawad gave his perspective. "Data-driven care. There's a reason this is part of our slogan! Analyzing existing and new data is proving to be incredibly important for providing timely and accurate insights to clinicians. It also enables a level of personalized care," he articulated. He expanded on the transformative power of AI, "By analysing many data points with AI, in a way that was not previously possible, a clinician may make care decisions that are specific to each individual patient."

However, the path to this groundbreaking innovation was paved with challenges. "Manufacturing at the scale required for a commercial launch can be challenging," Abdelgawad revealed, before expressing gratitude for their support, "We received a grant from the Ontario Together Fund to build our manufacturing facility here in Canada, ensuring a high-quality product leaves the facility every time." The frenetic pace of their growth introduced another hurdle. "Finding talented people at this pace is challenging for any fast growth startup."

So, what lies ahead for FluidAI? The team's ambition is clear. "Hospital integrations: Stream™ Platform will integrate into hospital records to capture more data, generating more useful insights. And scaling: increasing production and commercial efforts to get Stream™ Platform in the hands of surgeons who's patients will benefit from it!"

Looking at FluidAI's trajectory, it's evident that their mission has always been clear: to harness the power of AI in transforming postoperative care. And as they continue on this path, one can only anticipate more groundbreaking innovations from this Canadian AI health tech powerhouse.

Reflecting on their wild journey, the team credits GEN. "GEN facilitated invaluable connections and highlighted our organization thereby supporting FluidAI in its transformative evolution from an R&D-based startup to a company that is ready for commercial growth. The accolade garnered and the subsequent surge in visibility resulting from the event proved to be pivotal in propelling the company's successful attainment of seed funding, which in turn catalyzed the commencement of clinical trials and regulatory clearances."

For those interested on diving deeper into FluidAI's transformative journey and its contributions to the medical realm, visit FluidAI's website. For further information or partnership opportunities, connect with Mustafa Obeidat, FluidAI Medical's head of Strategic Partnerships.

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