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Small Business Grants

GEN's Small Business Grants Program, with the support of generous partners and sponsors, provides direct financial support to founders throughout the United States and in select parts of the world. Since launching in 2020 in response to entrepreneurs' needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the program has administered more than $15 million (USD) in grants.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a massive campaign to celebrate and empower entrepreneurs in every country and community around the world – especially those who face structural barriers or may have never considered the idea of launching their own startup. Each November, 10 million people take part in tens of thousands of activities, competitions and events that inspire them to act and provide them with the knowledge, experience and connections they need to succeed.

Global Forum + Events
Global Entrepreneurship Congress

Hosted in a different rising startup ecosystem each year, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress convenes thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, researchers and ecosystem builders over a four-day program. Delegates collaborate on innovative approaches to help founders start and scale new businesses that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

Research + Policy
GEN Policy

GEN Policy identifies, shares and advises governments on innovative public policies and programs for entrepreneur-led job creation and economic growth. Run by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and staffed by a community of partners and experts, it sources evidence-based ideas for smart policy design and implementation and brings policymakers, founders and entrepreneurial support organizations together for knowledge sharing and collaboration at all stages of public policy and program lifecycles.

Programs + Resources, Research + Policy
GEN Research

GEN Research drives knowledge creation, helping translate research into relevant and useful evidence-based policies and programs. Run by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and backed by a community of economists, institutions and experts, GEN Research identifies actionable insights for developing more robust entrepreneurial ecosystems and helping entrepreneurial support organizations increase their impact.

Programs + Resources
GEN Invest

GEN Invest is a global platform for learning and engagement designed to improve individual investor performance, expand investor capacity in entrepreneurial ecosystems, and increase cross-border investment and syndication. As the capital-focused arm of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, GEN Invest initiatives support and engage investors within hundreds of communities globally.

Programs + Resources
Startup Huddle

Startup Huddle builds local startup communities while crowd-sourcing advice and support, one entrepreneur at a time. Run by the Global Entrepreneurship Network, it consists of monthly, if not weekly, gatherings of local community and business leaders, founders, ecosystem builders, investors and others interested in helping startups flourish. Startup Huddle increases connectivity by convening the community while crowd-sourcing solutions for local founders who outline challenges faced by their company.

Programs + Resources
GEN Starters Club

GEN Starters Club is a community of talented founders leading promising startups with access to training, support and a massive network of experienced entrepreneurs and mentors to help them scale no matter where they are in the world. Run by the Global Entrepreneurship Network, the club consists of members from every continent – all sourced from GEN programs and connected through a virtual platform with real-time access to knowledge and learning experiences.

Programs + Resources
GEN Accelerates

GEN Accelerates provides world-class educational programming and digital spaces to train and empower entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and more. A program of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, GEN Accelerates combines a powerful virtual platform with plug-and-play curriculum and structured mentorship that strengthen and grow local, national and regional entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Programs + Resources, Research + Policy
Global Enterprise Registration

Global Enterprise Registration helps governments simplify and automate administrative procedures impacting entrepreneurs, improving the ability of their citizens to access business services quickly – spending less time on paperwork and more time on running their business. Simple and transparent government procedures help businesses formalize and grow, creating jobs, supporting underserved communities and helping governments increase revenue and build sustainable economies. 

Programs + Resources
GEN Campus

The GEN Campus initiative is an effort to create scalable startup villages where entrepreneurs can connect, collaborate and share knowledge and networks in ecosystems where talent is plentiful but opportunity is not. Healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems benefit from new and young firm density within a given geographic area – making it easier for entrepreneurs to connect with each other and access the resources they need. 

Programs + Resources

GEN Space provides an ecosystem to help stimulate the creation of startups and scale-ups focused on entrepreneurial opportunities in space. Through connecting existing and nascent space entrepreneurs with relevant government agencies, industry and investors, the program promotes collaboration and helps increase the viability of space commerce.

Global Forum + Events

Modeled after the larger and broader Global Entrepreneurship Congress, GEC+ is a series of GEN-licensed events that bring international expertise to a concentrated issue or geographic region to help accelerate new firm formation and strengthen local, national and regional ecosystems. 



Global Forum + Events, Research + Policy
Startup Nations Ministerial + Summit

Startup Nations is a global peer community of government officials and policy advisors, launched by GEN in 2012 and guided by a diverse steering committee of cabinet-level leaders. Each year, these leaders assemble for the Startup Nations Ministerial while staff and advisors convene at the Startup Nations Summit to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration while establishing a prioritized agenda for action.

Global Forum + Events, Programs + Resources
Entrepreneurship World Cup

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is one of the largest and most diverse startup pitch competitions and support programs of its kind. Since launching in 2019, the competition has engaged more than 370,000 entrepreneurs and awarded $3 million in cash prizes while providing free access to world-class training, resources, mentorship, investors and visibility. 

Partner Programs

Programs + Resources

YouNoodle Compete is a customizable startup program management platform that has powered more than 1000 competitions/programs run by corporations, accelerators, universities, foundations and more.