Nerson Tjelos You cannot stop life from happening become aware of who you are and prioritize self-care.
2 Nov 2017

Nerson Tjelos hails from the central northern part of Namibia.  His father passed on in 2003 when he was in grade 6. He matriculated from Haimbili Haufiku Senior Secondary School, Eenhana in 2009 in the Ohangwena Reion..

He qualified as a geologist and is currently a master’s degree scholar. The nominee has 2 years of progressive research, mining and consulting experience. He is the cofounder and current Director of Operations at Excel Dynamic He leads a team of geo-environmental consultants, data experts and project managers. The. His desire to learn more started long ago while he was still employed. He felt restricted learning what the world has to offer which resulted in his resignation after just one year of employment.

The nominee’s resignation came as a surprise to many as, firstly, he just started to work and secondly he was working for a mine, which according to the norm, pays employees well. For to him it was about personal growth, making an impact on the community, networking and building a legacy rather than earning only.

The earned valuable short courses certificates in areas such as: leadership and development; water, sanitation and resource management; business and innovation; data processing, data manipulation and management; environmental health & safety; IT for beginners and Accounting for managers. He participated in YALI Southern African Programme and Brightest Young Minds (BYM).

The nominee has 5 employees and dreams of turning the company into a regional brand within southern Africa. He is committed to self-development and his community. The nominee is involved in the Walvis Bay Boxing Academy and economic emancipation match making.

He is committed to self-development and the development of his community. According to the nominators he is a young brilliant committed entrepreneur.

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