Global Quality and Excellence Award
20 Feb 2019

Much to my surprise, I received an e-mail in which I was awarded a Global Quality and Commitment Award by the Business Iniative Directions, (BID). The first thought that came to my mind was – it must be directed to the wrong address. Following up a week later, we found that it was correct. The Namibia Entrepreneurial Leadership community college was sponsored by UNESCO to implement a capacity building project for teenage moms. Obtaining technical skills would empower the moms to take care of themselves and that of their new found families or make them more employable.

During the project implementation the team put snippets of the work on YouTube to ensure that Namibia knows about the project. We used the social and financial education program of Aflatoun to teach the ladies social, financial and entrepreneurial skills. The uploaded information was well received in the global business community who voted for us in Geneva in 2018 to receive the Global Quality and Commitment Award. GEN Namibia is the official host for Aflatoun Namibia and will thus receive the award on 16-17 March 2019 in Paris, France.

BID’s activity is centred on a Quality Culture within companies and organisations based all over the world and on each award winners potential to continue quality improvement. BID’s central goal is based on the following premises:

  • Help enrich quality culture in your organisation
  • Strengthen your organisation’s strong points and increase its potential
  • Provide a framework for improvement and innovation
  • Contribute to quality and excellence through learning quality models
  • Facilitate continuous networking, oriented towards marketing, during and following the convention
  • Create a framework to optimize social media marketing

Over the past 33 years, BID has been dedicated to outstanding companies, organisations and institutions providing both recognition of quality and excellence awards on a worldwide scope and facilitating continuous improvement methods for those receiving the World Quality Commitment Awards.

Johanna Cloete

Board Chair | GEN Namibia

Mrs. Johanna Cloete – Board Chair of GEN Namibia since 2022. She is part of a community of doers and makers supporting startups and scale-ups in… More