EWC 2020 Namibia Finalist - Victoria Haihambo
24 Aug 2020

Agelvipa Online is a combination of Ecommerce and Women Empowerment, that link micro entrepreneurs products to the market via online sale while at the same time providing a visual hub space that provide capacity building program to Women micro entrepreneurs.

Online shop Customers : Micro & Startup entrepreneurs Visual Women's Entrepreneurs Hub : Women Micro & Startup Entrepreneurs in Namibia and the rest of Africa. The entrepreneurs use Agelvipa online Platform to sell their products and reach wider market. Vusual Entrepreneurs women Hub -Use to provide visual co-working space and online training and networking.

Johanna Cloete

Board Chair | GEN Namibia

Mrs. Johanna Cloete – Board Chair of GEN Namibia since 2022. She is part of a community of doers and makers supporting startups and scale-ups in… More