Creative Entrepreneurial Activities
30 Apr 2018

The less fortunate in our communities also need a network. GEN Namibia has invited ladies to join a group working twice a week on creative designs to add extra income to their coffers. The advert was places and the ladies showed up at the GEN office. The skills were simple ones but they enjoyed it and invited more ladies. This had become a 3 Generations Women’s Group for lady entrepreneurs. The get together is much more fun than learning skills. They also learn each other’s cultures and traditions while working on their designs. GEN is proud to be part of this cultural, entrepreneurial interaction among ladies from the Khomas Regions. The group is currently being replicated in the Erongo Region. The Topnaar community and the residents of Walvis Bay, the harbour town of Namibia are the next target groups that will join this community. It is great to know that you bring minority groups together through entrepreneurship.

Johanna Cloete

Board Chair | GEN Namibia

Mrs. Johanna Cloete – Board Chair of GEN Namibia since 2022. She is part of a community of doers and makers supporting startups and scale-ups in… More