King Frans Indongo celebrated during GEW 2015
1 Mar 2016

2015 GEW Celebrations - Laureate King Frans Indongo inducted to the Namibian Business Hall of Fame "I want to express thanks to the Good Lord, Jesus Christ, without whose Lordship and Leadership my life would not have been possible.

Also, for God’s World that contains every truth we need to live a successful and blessed life, including in our business live." I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the honor of being nominated to be inducted as a Laureate of the Namibian Business Hall of Fame and recipient of the Namibian Business Hall of Fame award. My deepest appreciation goes to many young people for nominating me and I shall forever remain grateful for the recognition that I have received.

Allow me to state categorically that although this is a personal award, it is and will always remain as a result of dedicated teamwork, involving hardworking Namibian and international business professionals. Growing up in my hometown of Ongwendiva in northern Namibia selling guavas, onions, tomatoes, watermelons and lemons from my father’s small garden at home I could not have possibly imagined to one day receive of this important award.

My first choice (dream) was to become a fashion designer and a tailor, but when I told this to my mentor Mr. Duane Parnham, the Executive Chairman of Giyani Gold Corp, he told me straight to my face that “independent Namibia will need Mines, Oil & Gas and not fashion designers or tailors”. I narrated this episode to the Founding Father of the Namibian Nation Dr Sam Nujoma who told me that he agrees with Mr. Parnham and that he will not take no for an answer because there is a lot of minerals and resources under ground and of our shores. He immediately recommended that I must spend more time in the Ministry of Mines & Energy’s library doing more research and visiting the geological survey of Namibia. Looking back, I am glad that I listened to their wise advice and will I remain forever grateful for their guidance. Dr. Sam Nujoma has been my mentor and an enduring inspiration both professionally and academically. I am a true believer that Namibia has oil and if successful in this high risk exercise - The youth of this country AND this country will be changed FOREVER. I’m personally a believer that with training and education - the youth have a bright future in Namibia and all over the world. Hunting for oil means drilling many wells.

Countries like Angola, Ghana and Nigeria had to drill many wells before they struck oil. If Angola has such an abundance of oil and DRC also has some of their own, God could not have been so unfair to leave out Namibia in the middle without a drop at all. Africa and South America were one continent eons ago and there are great similarities in the geological layers along the south-western coast of Africa and the east coast of Brazil. The coastlines of Namibia, Angola and DRC are virtually a mirror image of the geology of Brazil's east coast and offshore waters and my research has shown that oil resources could also be found here. The world's largest oil find of the past 30 years was made off the Brazilian.If Angola has such an abundance of oil and South Africa also has some of their own, God could not have been so unfair to leave out Namibia in the middle without a drop at all. My beloved father has been a consistent source of encouragement to me to follow through with the project vision and he has been a great helpmate.

My beloved father inspired me greatly. He has remained an oasis of wisdom where I draw knowledge and experience. Likewise, when I was a young boy, I remember telling me when I was looking after his cattle the values of life and self-respect as opposed to accumulating abundant wealth for its own sake. He said IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO TEACH CHILDREN THAT THEY CAN WIN ALL THE TIME. IN THE REAL WORLD, PEOPLE STRUGGLE. He will never tolerate the lazy people as they delay progress. ‘If YOU WANT MILK, don’t sit on a stool in the middle of a field in the hope that the cow will back up to you.’ This old saying could have been up to you.’ This old saying could have been one of my father’s quotes. He would have added. ‘Go on, KING FRANS. Don’t just sit around. Catch the cow.’ An old recipe for rabbit pie said, ‘First, catch the rabbit.’ Note that it didn’t say, ’First buy the rabbit, or sit on your bottom until someone gives it to you. Lessons like this, taught to me by my dad from when I was a toddler, are what have made me stand on my own feet. I was trained to think for myself and get things done. It’s what the Namibia as a nation used to believe in, but there are some kids today who seem to want everything handed to them on a silver plate.

Perhaps if more parents were like mine were, we would be a nation of go-getters – as we used to be. When I was four years old, dad stopped the car a few miles from our house and told me to find my own way home across the fields. he made it a game, one I was happy to play. It was early challenge. As I grew older, these lessons grew harder. Early one winter morning, Dad shook me awake and told me to get dressed. It was dark and cold, but I crawled out of bed. I was given a packed lunch and an apple. ‘I’m sure you will find some water along the way.’ Dad kept repeating to me that I had to be responsible and be able to look after myself, even if he was not there to take care of me.

These few words became a guiding light in my life journey. He never gives me a single cent to start a business but he has given me the best advice on how to do it. I would describe Dad as disciplinarian. He never made his children believe that manna would fall from heaven for them or believe that they are born from the family where everything would be given on a silver platter. My life wasn’t without challenges. Some people said I couldn’t do it. They said am crazy, foolish and no experience/Degree. But I wanted to prove them wrong and I believe it could be done. There is an expression that says, “There is nothing than trying!” You don’t have to go to art school to be a fashion designer. Join a fashion company and push a broom. I believe in myself. I believe in the hands that work, in the brains that think, and in the hearts that love. It made me aware that hard-won things are more valuable than those that come too easily. It reminded me to always enjoy the moment. IN THE EARLY DAYS OF STRUGGLING, I met and talked to an Irish London based billionaire Aidan Heavey President and Founder of Tullow Oil Plc. He was very polite to a young man in a blue suits who had no money. Respect is about how to treat everyone, not just those you want to impress.

The man who dreamed up the Big Mac started life selling paper cups. He was someone else who didn’t believe in wasting time. ‘If you have time to learn, you have time to clean,’ he always told his staff. Perhaps he was in a hurry because he didn’t get the idea for McDonald’s until he was aged 52. His company now gives $50 million USD a year to charity. My motivation message to many young Namibian business people is: There is nothing than trying - You don’t have to go to art school to be a fashion designer. Join a fashion company and push a broom. If you challenge yourself, you will grow. Your life will change. Your outlook will be positive. It’s not always easy to reach your goals but that’s no reason to stop you. Never say die. Say to yourself, ‘I can do it. I’ll keep on trying until I win.’ To me the search is fun. Thomas Edison had tried a thousand of times 2 make the electric light bulb.

He said, "I haven't failed, I've identified 1000 ways that it doesn't work." Of course through his perseverance we enjoy light in our houses today Finally Mrs. Johanna Cloete and the Board of Directors of Namibian Business Hall of Fame award, I humbly receive this nomination and prestigious award on behalf of the Namibian Business young people and all the Namibian people. This can never be a King Frans Indongo award! I thank you! Back Ground: King Frans Indongo was born on September 22, 1983, in Ongwendiva, Namibia. His father, Dr. Frans Aupa Indongo, is a well-known Namibian business Mogul and one of African’s most successful entrepreneurs.

His mother, Queen Victoria, worked as a Nurse before the birth of the couple’s two children – King Frans and Morning Star. King Frans is a Namibian Mining and Oil & Gas entrepreneur. He begins his career with Barden International before joying Royal Shell International where he gained a wealth of international oil and gas experience within the Atlantic margins. He has more than 10 years experience in Namibian mining and oil & gas industry and enjoys business relationships with many major national and international corporations within Namibia, South African Development Community and the International Community as a whole. His focus has been on developing relationships with governments, empowerment groups, and community stakeholders, with the goal of creating long-term sustainable economic and social growth. King Frans founded a number of companies includes Alberta Oilsands Inc, Giyani Gold Corp, Canoe Mining Venture Corp and WindFire Capital Corp booth listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. He holds a certificate in Business Leadership from Dr. John C. Maxwell School of Business (EQUIP) NEW YORK.

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