Entrepreneurship World Cup Alumni Share Their Experiences
A total of USD 1M in cash prizes, plus resources to help grow your business, are up for grabs in the 2022 competition.
18 Aug 2022


Applications are open until Sept. 5 (exceptions apply)* for the Entrepreneurship World Cup, a life-changing opportunity to grow your entrepreneurial skills and take your passion project, startup or scale-up to the next level.

Whether you need connections, investment opportunities, mentorship, or a community of founders and startup champions to cheer you on, the Entrepreneurship World Cup has it.

But don't take our word for it - hear about the experience and impact from past winners and EWC alumni.

Kyou Sik Min

Kyou Sik Min, Founder of TODOC (South Korea)
Winner of EWC 2021 

"Thanks to the prize money, I was able to make several aggressive decisions just after winning. I hired a CFO, received press coverage and actively appealed to get an R&D grant in South Korea."


Nouf Alhazmi, Founder, Plastus (USA + Saudi Arabia) 
EWC 2021 3rd Place

"It was helpful knowing we had a good amount of money to pay for the little things and that we didn’t have to be so desperate for our first investor. For example, we are renting our pilot facility in San Francisco. An investor offered to come onboard but we didn’t reach a deal. We were able to say no to that deal and not make the same mistakes other startups do when they are starting out just because they need funding.

I also had no idea how supportive and amazing everyone on the EWC team and community is. We have people checking in and making connections for us. It feels like we are becoming part of a family with an amazing, supportive system."

Fengru Lin

Fengru Lin, Founder of Turtle Tree Labs (Singapore)
Winner of EWC 2020

“After winning the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020,TurtleTree was featured in multiple influential media outlets.... This amazing coverage grew our public presence to an international audience, paving the way to expand our business on a global scale."


Amr Abdelgawad, COO and Co-Founder of NERv (Canada)
Winner of EWC 2019

“To be the winner is a testament to everything we’ve been doing. We’ve been working really hard for five years in order to make this dream a reality.”

Ray Abel

Ray Abel, Co-Founder of Bansen Labs (USA)
EWC Top Social Enterprise Winner 2021

“So much positive momentum has come from EWC. It all started with not just the exposure from the event, but with the help we received along the way to make sure our pitch was tight and ready to go.”


Abdullo Kurbanov, CEO and Founder, Alif Bank (Tajikistan)
EWC 2020 Top 50 Finalist

“[Since participating in the Entrepreneurship World Cup],we have raised $8 million in equity and $50 million in debt at a valuation of $100 million in July 2021. What makes us happier, we were voted as the most trusted bank inTajikistan in 2021.”

Bethelhem Dejene

Bethelhem Dejene, Founder of Zafree Papers (Ethiopia)
EWC 2020 Top 10 Global Finalist

“EWC taught us the ins and outs and nuances of raising investment. It accelerated our understanding of how to go about it in a very short time, massively prepared us for the process, and put us in a much stronger position than we were in before. Even though we didn’t make it to the top five, we were able to hustle and successfully fundraise from foreign investors to get our company off the ground."


*Deadlines vary by country. Find the deadline for your region here

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is presented by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Monsha'at. The Misk Foundation is a founding partner. 


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