Endeavor’s Newest Entrepreneurs

14 Jul 2010

Endeavor has been a crucial supporter of Global Entrepreneurship Week from the moment it was conceived in late 2007. It serves along with a handful of organizations as a Global Partner to strengthen the entire initiative while several of its country offices act as the Host — coordinating the entire national initiative on behalf of their country. 

Endeavor selects and works with potential high-impact entrepreneurs in their native countries — creating an entrepreneurial culture in the process. Recently, it named 11 new Endeavor Entrepreneurs in Turkey, bringing their total to 517 entrepreneurs from 336 companies worldwide. 

Below is a look at just a few of those:


  • Entrepreneur: Patricia Cuevas
    Company: Socomal
    Description: Socomal cultivates, processes and sells lupin, a legume popular in the Middle East. It is the world’s largest lupin exporter, controlling nearly 30 percent of global exports.


  • Entrepreneurs: Omar Koudsi & Laith Zraikat
    Company: Jeeran
    Description: With 8 million unique visitors a month, Jeeran is the Arab world’s most popular blogging service, providing articles, music and reviews.


  • Entrepreneur: Oscar Carrillo Muñoz
    Company: MexQ
    Description: MexQ delivers quality control services for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, helping to reduce production line failures. This is important in Mexico, where four percent of the country’s GDP depends on the automotive industry. 
  • Entrepreneur: Carlos Mastretta
    Company: Tecnoidea (Mastretta)
    Description: In 1987 Carlos and his brother founded Tecnoidea, a small industrial design firm that soon found its niche in the automotive industry. Tecnoidea has designed more than 30 models of buses from Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and Volkswagen.  Carlos was named one of 2008’s “Entrepreneurs of the Year” by Mexico’s leading business magazine, Expansión. 
  • Entrepreneurs: Morgan Guerra Gea & Christian Guerra Gea
    Company: Previta
    Description: Brothers Morgan and Christian founded Previta to combat some of the world’s deadliest diseases through preventive healthcare. With its mobile units and retail clinics, Previta clinics provide affordable and convenient diagnostic tests, vaccinations and health management services.


  • Entrepreneur: Mehmet Aksel
    Company: Academy of Kitchen Arts (MSA)
    Description: MSA is a state of the art culinary institute and the only cooking school in Turkey with both international and domestic accreditation.
  • Entrepreneur: Didem Altinbasak Tulgan
    Company: Rafinera
    Description: Raferina is Turkey’s first packaged daily meal plan service, catering to clients with special dietary needs and busy professionals who do not have time to cook for themselves.
  • Entrepreneurs: Emrah Kaya & Asli Caner
    Company: Youthholding
    Description: Youthholding comprises three businesses that cater to Turkey’s under-30 demographic through media and marketing campaigns.