ARTPRENEURSHIP: Unleashing creative talents in orphanages

Creating art, talking about it and organising art workshops can help children heal from difficult experiences in so far as experiences have it that vulnerable children express their emotions, grow in self-esteem and work through difficult memories.
Olusegun Charles
17 Jun 2022

Creative education, which covers a wide array of subjects, from art and design, to media, dance and music, plays a crucial role in preparing the next generation of innovative workers.

A report published by the PEC with researchers from the Institute for Employment Studies (IES), together with Arts Council England illustrates the value of a creative education for all children. The report is based on a new survey of over 7,000 secondary school teachers which found that creative subject teachers (for example art, design and technology) are the most likely to provide 'live' industry experience for their pupils. 

On top of this, creative subject teachers were found to be more likely than other teachers to support industry awareness across all eight measures including; ‘providing employer encounters and inspiration schemes’, ‘industry focused projects, competitions and prizes’ and ‘industry career talks in schools’. 

Our activities to shape the next generations of entrepreneurs in the creative industries include drawing, painting, modelling, and collage workshops in schools and orphanages . 

On June 16, Day of the African Child 2022, orphans we enterained & inspired amazed us with their artistic talents through our ARTivism for Nature sessions.

We also used the educational & social benefits of #chess to raise the expectations of the Orphans & Vulnerable Children towards their education. 

Olusegun Charles Vidjannagni

Managing Director | GEN Benin

Olusegun has over 12 years of experiences working with orphan and vulnerable children, teen-agers, young women and men in urban and rural… More