Made in NY


'Made in NY' is a brand proposed by the city for the startups that are based in the city.

The brand has an effect of supporting entrepreneurial culture by championing startups and supporting the startups. The 'Made in NYC' brand celebrates and supports the city’s evolving media, entertainment, technology, and fashion industries and their creators.


To champion local entrepreneurship and innovation – and raise awareness of the local manufacturing sector in particular – the Pratt Center for community development created the ‘Made in NY’ brand, with support from New York City Council.


Any digital startup with at least 75 per cent of their development activities and at least one full-time employee based in New York City (plus a minimum of 10,000 monthly visitors) is eligible to use the brand. For a startup, this can enhance credibility and access to external markets.


About city branding as a policy tool (excerpt from Nesta's ‘Idea Bank’ for Local Policymakers):

Brands can be useful in creating a feeling of identity and belonging, and serve as simple representations of complex ideas. In the same way that a country’s flag or a company’s logo can give a sense of coherence and be a tool to connect people with similar values, so city branding has the potential to bring together entrepreneurs within a certain area, and raise their profile externally.