The first startup huddle in Algeria
The first startup huddle in Algeria has been held during the GEW
Wafae Imene
12 Mar 2023

Algeria held its first ever Startup Huddle on the 20th of November 2022 at the University of Ahmed Ben Ahmed - Belgaid in the country's Economical Capital, Oran.
The event was organised by GEN Algeria in partnership with Algeria Venture and was hosted by GEN Algeria's Startup Huddle Project Coordinator Mrs.Lina HAMZA, Algeria Venture's Ambassador Mr.Salaheddine SOUSSOU, ABA - University's Vice-Rector Mrs.Mokhtaria MEKKAKIA, and the DG-RSDT.
This first Startup Huddle showed the incredible potential the Algerian youth has, and gave a glance at just how much they had to offer.

Two Start-ups were presented during the event, PraticPower (Mr.Zinelabidine CHEKIRINE), and Garini (Mr.Abbes OUDDA), both of which were widely appreciated by the attendees and welcomed with positive feedback, constructive criticism, encouragement and questions.

After the presentation, many people took turn into sharing their ideas for a Startup, the work they had done so far, the results they had found,  and it gave a perspective on how bright a future the Algerian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem had, and how Startup Huddle helped so many people share their ideas and inspired many more to think outside the box and seek a career in entrepreneurship.
Startup Huddle is a key tool that helps entrepreneurs develop all of those ideas, all of that work, and truly aim for something great, not only for themselves, but for their country, and for the global entrepreneurial Ecosystem as a whole.
Therefore, Startup Huddle will now be one of GEN Algeria's top priorities, and we plan on making it a monthly event all across the country.

Wafae Imene Harrir

Program Director | GEN Algeria

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